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It was a great joy to have the volunteer group from the Evangelical-Lutheran Church (http://www.kirchehalle.de) of Halle, Germany visit us at Ozd again this year. Of course it was not just a visit which the more than fifty eager volunteers had in mind. Staying true to their good old habit they spent two weeks of hard work renovating the Castle in Ozd. And all this by free-will, sacrificing their energy and holiday time, paying their own transport and food, as well as the building materials they needed for the various projects.

Halle Group 2013 00011Their positive work ethic was contagious; watching them work had a real therapeutic effect. Organization, discipline, enthusiasm, dedication, quality, and good humor are just a few things that come to mind for anyone who watched them work. Young and old, girls and boys, everyone was working hard and displaying an exemplary attitude in completing their tasks. Of course this was true not just during work, but in every part of their daily schedule, from devotions to having their meals. Some of them were so into the construction fever they even built towers using the empty ice cream boxes.

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As in previous years, the team came well-prepared and equipped with all the tools needed for the work. The castle received visible and much needed treatment inside and out. Just to mention a few items, they continued the work on the kitchen and in the attic, which will have bedrooms and bathrooms, plus they plastered one of the towers and filled in incomplete portions of the exterior brick cape. We had received a donation from the Nyko and Melinda Steel companies in the form of a steel scaffolding system, which they were able to use and was a great help in making the work easier and safer at the same time. Thanks be to God also for the good weather, a real blessing, especially this late in the year.

We owe a huge THANK  YOU to each and every member of the team, and we can’t wait to have them back next year! At the same time we are thankful for every volunteer who came this year and contributed to the development of our estate in Ozd. Thank you and God bless you!

For more pictures click here or view the slideshow below:

Thank you for the scaffolding system!

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